The original GOAT

Imagine a life where just because of the family you were born into, your whole life was already mapped out in advance, your freedoms to make any of your own lifestyle choices simply didn’t exist, every move you made was under surveillance and scrutinised, everything you said could come back to bite you and you couldn’t air your personal views in any kind of public forum.

Well I certainly can’t and I’m pretty damn sure none of us would want to. And yet here’s what her whole life was about. And whilst many disagree with the monarchy, I’m not sure many can disagree that were you forced to live that life, you couldn’t do a better job at it if you tried with everything you had.

And for those that argue that there was any choice at all for her, just look at how others who have tried to carve a new way of doing this, or update into the present have ended up (Harry!). It seems that in this scenario you either work with it or you’re done for.

I don’t know anyone of that age who still works. Regardless of any ridiculous argument about the “privileges” of position given with it. And let’s face it most of us can describe the majority of our work as spending untold amounts of our precious time having to talk, interact and moreover having to bite our tongues whilst dealing with people we would normally have no desire to speak to at all under any normal circumstance. And possibly *she* could argue this more than anyone. Imagine the nonsense she will have had to nod her head to and I’d truly love to know her deepest inner thoughts and opinions of some of the Prime Ministers she had to deal with or her views on hugely impactful events that have happened over her more than 70 years of reign in the UK. But the fact is, we will never know. Because this was never an option and I imagine will still never be revealed even years into the future.

Over the last couple of years when people in positions of power who KNOW that their every move will be scrutinised have been caught out time and time again (yes Boris, you’re only ONE on a tremendously long list) and don’t even seem to care, I can’t recall a time when this has unwittingly happened to her. And in amongst the shocking deterioration of values, manners and compassion, replaced instead by self serving behaviour, selfishness, jobs for one’s mates and a complete disregard of others not in the same position as ourselves, she was in general, apart from of course by the meany minded bastards, regarded as the one positive constant of the UK in the eyes of the rest of the world. A force to be reckoned with, a constant, the person who for most of us in our lifetime has just always been there. And to be fair, I think she did an awesome job. And I take my hat off to her for the way she must have had to live because frankly I would not wish it on anyone and I literally cannot think of anything worse.

I remind myself of periods of time, when I am forced to behaved in a way I don’t actually want to, or have felt bound by responsibility and duty and it is genuinely truly exhausting. And for me has created some long lasting issues that I have to live with so I simply cannot imagine having had a LONG lifetime of that. And I think of the examples that she set. The most recent of which being sat on her own at her beloved husbands funeral when I just wanted to give her a hug or send someone else to. Whilst others were partying breaking the very laws that they themselves created.

The UK has entered a dangerous period in time. Already our value on the world stage has been desperately diminished. The values we were always regarded as holding, the respect that we were always given to a certain extent has also severely depleted. And frankly, the potential loss of our Queen at this particular time, I don’t believe could truly be any worse in terms of timing. But then death is like that. It doesn’t hold any respect for convenience. And quite apart from the fact that we may be about to lose the very thing that whether we like it or not, as a country actually holds us all together, that is also nothing compared to the fact that she is clearly a very much loved mother, grandmother, great grand mother and PERSON to all those that actually know and love her.

I’m sad. And I’m hoping that this is NOT the end. It would genuinely in my mind be a very bad end to a terrible several year period. And actually it genuinely scares me for the country. I have never thought of myself as being particularly royalist, and I probably still don’t because I suspect that once she has really gone, I won’t be. But she is awesome, the original badass, the originator of the compliment “QUEEN” and I really hope this isn’t it. But if it is to be, I genuinely wish her the safest of journeys, the biggest of peace and extreme gratitude for everything that she has done and achieved. I wish I could even dare to dream to have been as gracious and dignified throughout my life, but there’s simply no point.

Positive thoughts…

With sinking feelings and sad Bisous!

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Living the Charente in SW France since Nov 2017 I run a business in France helping individuals and businesses both in France and the UK to establish and reach their goals and ambitions. This can be through administrative support, mentoring, problem solving or project management. I am also the Charente Columnist for French Property Guides and write Lifestyle articles. Writing is what I really love to do. And my new life in France offers a wealth of opportunity to write about a large range of topics I that I have encountered since moving here whether lifestyle. personal or business!

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