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Extraordinary Times

Large numbers of expats move here every year having permanently made France their home. And we are welcomed and accepted. But sometimes, things happen back in the country we used to call home, acting as a stark reminder that we came from elsewhere. And this week, we have without exception been affected by the sadContinue reading “Extraordinary Times”

The original GOAT

Imagine a life where just because of the family you were born into, your whole life was already mapped out in advance, your freedoms to make any of your own lifestyle choices simply didn’t exist, every move you made was under surveillance and scrutinised, everything you said could come back to bite you and youContinue reading “The original GOAT”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Beth. Previously from the South of England, in 2017 I finally decided I could no longer remain in the UK. Work lifestyle balance was shocking and I was becoming more miserable and disillusioned by the day. Having studied in France 25 years prior – finally in Nov 2017 I decided enough was enough and headed to France with only my small dog and two suitcases in tow (his was bigger than mine!)

I also write for France Property Guides and you can find my articles here:

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